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Our Independence KY Locksmith Store team of specialists has earned the trust of businesses in the Independence area, because for years they have provided a full range of security and locksmith services to keep businesses running smoothly. We at Independence KY Locksmith Store make it a point to help local businessmen assess and implement necessary security measures, to ensure that no business time is lost due to security issues.

To handle all your commercial locksmith and security issues, our technicians operate mobile locksmith workshops which have all the latest equipment for resolving locksmith and security issues at your business. We can also assess your existing security network and make recommendations on upgrades or modifications that will add layers of security to your system. Locksmith services and consultations with Independence KY Locksmith Store will benefit all business types including, but not limited to, all the following:Independence KY Locksmith Store Independence, KY 859-493-1146  

  • Restaurants
  • Office Spaces
  • Assisted Living Care Centers
  • Business Outlets
  • Hotels / Motels
  • Hospitals
  • Apartments
  • Banks

Each of our expert staff members has had a vast amount of exposure to commercial security principles, and when combined with their ongoing training, they are kept abreast of all emerging techniques and developments. Our highly qualified staff is one reason that Independence KY Locksmith Store has become the best security resource in the Independence area for implementing effective security solutions. 

Our Independence KY Locksmith Store signature keyway system provides keys that can never be reproduced, and we’ve made a specialty of implementing this type of security system, because it places security for your building’s valued assets in the hands of your most trusted employees. We can also help you with the installation of safes and vaults to provide a secondary security measure.  

We at Independence KY Locksmith Store are known throughout the region as a leader in the implementation of master key systems, which provide a single key to open every lock on your premises, and can also include sub-master keys which your essential personnel may need for their areas of responsibility. This is a great maximum-security option, and our Independence KY Locksmith Store technicians can accomplish this kind of conversion literally overnight, so you’re ready for business the very next day.

Another great security solution for your business would be a next-generation electronic access system. Our Independence KY Locksmith Store technicians can implement this advanced solution for you, and provide you with an access card which can be activated or deactivated by yourself, so that you maintain full control over facility access.

Motion-sensitive alarm systems are very popular in commercial security now, because they are great at discouraging vandalism and intrusions to your premises. In addition, they also alert security officers in Independence, so that a quick response can address any security breach. Our Independence KY Locksmith Store security specialists can also help you prepare a high security network that never sleeps. We at Independence KY Locksmith Store pride ourselves on offering the widest possible array of security systems for commercial clientele, so that you have many options available to you.